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This has been stuck in my head for a few months now so I'm very happy to finally share it. Big thanks to [ profile] mad_carrie, who listened to my whining and [ profile] mustbethursday3, your lovely CM2 icon inspired the cover for this thing (every time I see it, my first thought is how pretty they are and the second, that it would make a great album cover). There's some more ramblings behind the cut.

This is a very personal list of songs, some of them have been following me since the beginning of season two. It's Charlie's POV, I'm not sure why it just happened this way. Or maybe it's easier for me to see this from her side. Bass and his beautiful, psychotic mind were a mystery to me. This is not a playlist for a love story or any kind of healthy relationship. It's for two people who are so much alike and so different at the same time. And when they meet, the other person isn't exactly who they expected them to be. They own their lives to each other. They fight. They hurt. They leave. But they always come back to have each others back. There are also some CM2 undertones in this because a) it started out as CM2 fanmix; b) with these two, Miles is always around, he's simply a part of who they are. But I'm probably the only one who sees that.

Okay, done now. This show never fails to give me a written version of verbal diarrhea. If you want to discuss 'why that song', drop by in the comments, you know I'm gonna love it.

The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust
You're like a mirror, reflecting me
Takes one to know one, so take it from me
We've been lonely, too long

Susie Suh & Robot Koch - Here With Me
Caught in the riptide
I was searching for the truth
There was a reason
I collided into you

Lorde - Glory and Gore
Glory and gore go hand in hand
That's why we're making headlines
You could try and take us
But victory's contagious

Lykke Li - Tonight
Watch my back so I make sure
You're right behind me as before
Yesterday the night before tomorrow (...)
And don't you let me go, let me go tonight

Polly Scattergood - Machines
Too much
You’re cold
Singing we are not machines
There is blood beneath our skin

MS MR - No Trace
The things I feel now I never thought I'd find
I wonder if our future was written in our past

Agnes Obel - Avenue
What is wrong in this old wasted game
May right and wrong be one and the same

Zola Jesus - Night
So come close, close to me
And I’ll come closer to you
In the end of the night when all we have is gone
Yes in the end of the night when I can be with you

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Listen. Enjoy. Comment.
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